Our team’s mission:
Wild Card Cycling is dedicated to promoting competitive and noncompetitive cycling in the Champaign-Urbana area.  Our team helps provide a supportive environment for anyone with the desire to improve their fitness, increase their cycling knowledge, or strengthen their competitive spirit.

We strive to build bridges in our community through cycling - an activity that benefits body and soul, with the potential to benefit Champaign-Urbana social fabric by bringing people together. 

The team competes in many cycling disciplines, including road, mountain, cyclocross, triathlon, and track.

For all inquiries regarding the club, contact us.

Training Rides
There are several crucial things to keep in mind.

1. Helmets are required. No exceptions.

2. The Saturday Group Ride. We usually ride 45 plus miles, (we have done as high as100) the pace can average 18-22 mph on the way out and probably higher coming back. We try to keep the group together as long as possible, but a break could happen anywhere on the way back. We meet at Meadowbrook Park in Urbana. Ride leaves at 8:00, dont be late. (Late Fall-Winter time is 9:00)

3. The Wednesday Group Ride. This ride is very fast paced and you can try to keep up while you can. We usually stay together on the way out, but after the turn around anything can happen, be prepared to be dropped.
we meet at Burwash Park in Savoy, ride leaves at 5:30.

4. The ride stops for flats. However, you are expected to have equipment to change a tube and the know-how to do so within 5 minutes. If its after the turn around on Wednesday you could be on your own.

5. We ride no wider than two abreast. Not only is this the safest way to ride, but it is the law as well. Although we proudly assert and defend our rights as cyclists, we try to minimize our impact on motorized traffic.

6. If you are at the front of the group, you are responsible for keeping the ride smooth and safe.

7. Check forum for updates.

The Racer Development Program works to create an environment that helps our cyclists meet their goals within the sport. Its primary focus is on new racers, but the RDP also seeks to nurture more advanced racers so that they continue to develop and have the support they need to advance to the next level. The RDP will host several focused rides in the spring to develop important skills, and throughout the season it will host social events to encourage the camaraderie that enables fun racing and quality teamwork.

Members represent Wild Card Cycling at races around the world, but most of our racing takes place in Illinois and Indiana.
Each event requires considerable planning and volunteer help.
Members choose which races they compete in, but the team will designate several “target races” for the season. These are local races that are of importance to the team and its sponsors. We expect team members to make every effort to participate in these events.

As a member of Wild Card Cycling, you represent yourself, the entire team and our sponsors. It is important that we understand our responsibilities as members of the team and community. We ask that as a representative of the team you: respect your teammates and members of the cycling community at-large, represent our sponsors well, honor our traditions and be a supportive team member.

Wild Card Cycling cannot exist without the support of its members. This support can take many forms such as being a good teammate as you ride and race with others. It can also be in the form of volunteering time with team programming and races.

Rider Responsibilities:
· Wear team clothing for all races and team events and rides
· Promote sponsors and the sport of cycling
· Demonstrate responsible conduct, good sportsmanship and safe riding
· Volunteer at two team events per year (race support, banquet planning, coaching workshops, etc.)

Our Web Site features race reports, photos of past events, and notices of upcoming functions. Once team members have passwords (issued upon processing of current year memberships dues) to the site they will be able to use the forum to get information regarding team issues, general chit chat, general planning, discussion amongst cycling specialties and levels and opportunities. In addition, team members will be able to read coaching articles and sample workouts.

Member Benefits
· Group coaching
· Sponsor support and discounts
· Camaraderie with some of Champaign and Vermillion County ’s best and most interesting cyclists.

Coaching includes:
· Goal setting workshop
· Season planning workshop
· Winter Camp (Local)
· Spring Camp in Southern Illinois
· Advanced road tactics workshop (by invitation)
· Fitness check time trials (indoor and road)
· Sprint practices
· Crit practices