April 2014

Hillsboro Roubaix Cat 4 - Neil's Report

posted on Apr 29 2014 by Neil Fortner

Lots of Wildcards in this race. I was hoping to be able to help out some others as I already had enough points to upgrade to cat 3. The race started innocuously enough. Jeff made a few attempts to break away in the first lap, and I blocked for a little bit, but nothing stuck. After a few attacks in the town section halway through the race, the field slowed to a crawl. At some point, a couple riders went off the front and the pace picked back up.

Marian Crit Cat 4/5

posted on Apr 29 2014 by Neil Fortner

First race of the year for me was the Marian University Criterium in Indianapolis on 4/19. The course was very long, with long straights, some elevation change, and a short technical section through campus. The course was reversed from the previous year, so the technical section was uphil and near the start of the lap, while there was a fairly sharp corner 200m from the finish. Due to the length of the course the race was only 5 laps long.

Hillsboro Roubaix Cat 4 Race Report - Rick

posted on Apr 27 2014 by Rick Riley

First lap started easy, I was in the middle of the pack during the roll out and stayed around there for quite a while.  We didn't have a moto judge so the field tended to take up the whole road, no real regard for the centerline rule during the whole race.  I started trying to move up midway through the lap, the group was pretty bunched which made it a little difficult to find space but I got to the front third after a while.  The run in back to town was faster but still, nothing too hard.

Spring Super Criterium, 4/5/2014, S. Beloit, Illinois

posted on Apr 07 2014 by Kelley Wegeng

Today's race report is brought to you by the letter K and the number 26. 

Super Spring Criterium 2014

posted on Apr 07 2014 by Chris Kirkham

Super Spring Criterium, April 5th, South Beloit

Barry Roubaix 2014

posted on Apr 05 2014 by Melinda Higley

This was a 62 mile gravel race in Hastings, Michigan. The course was mostly hard-pack dirt roads with many short stretches of pavement.  The conditions on race day were mostly frozen but it had rained the night before so the low areas were muddy.