September 2014

Tri the Illini 2014

posted on Sep 23 2014 by Scott Dahman

On September 21, several Wild Card teammates, friends, and family competed in Tri the Illini sprint triathlon on the University campus. This is a fun event that is uniquely accessible to first-time or casual triathletes with a cycling background. It starts with a short 300 meter swim in a pool that never gets deeper than 4'-6". The "I'm afraid I will drown" excuse doesn't hold water. Next is a 14.5 mile ride over familiar south campus roads that summits the imposing Yankee Ridge in both directions.

Iron Season 10/11: A double bike PR

posted on Sep 22 2014 by Martin Gruebele

Reported by Martin. The short: I headed out to DC on business, did Ironman Maryland in 11:11 as my weekend entertainment before heading home. I finished the bike ride with the lowest heart rate ever, yet the fastest split, due to two changes (see photo).

AquaBike National Championship Race Report

posted on Sep 18 2014 by Ron Hoyne

For the past few years the United States Triathlon Association has sponsored a National Championship in the discipline of AquaBike.  The AquaBike event is a triathlon without the run at the end.  The distances vary from year to year, but this year the distances were 1.2 miles for the swim in beautiful Lake Erie, and 56 miles of cycling on the rough roads surrounding Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio.  Fortunately or unfortunately, the AquaBike National Championship has grown in popularity and although it is still a bike race with a short swim to begin, it is now being populated

Patriot CX Race Report - Cat 4

posted on Sep 16 2014 by Rick Riley

Sunday saw beautiful weather, sunny and mid 60's, perfect for my first CX race.  I'd had the opportunity to ride the course a few times during CX practices so I felt like I knew what I was in for but wasn't confident on how I wanted to approach the race.  I had practiced bunny hops the previous week and had success but wasn't feeling extremely confident on the day of the race.  I'd decided that I was only going to attempt jumping the logs on the back side if I was still in contention.

Iron Season 9/11: Say “Cheese”!

posted on Sep 11 2014 by Martin Gruebele

Reported by Martin. The short: The UIUC professor trio of Bruce, Andy and I again headed to race, this time in Madison, Wisconsin. Temps and humidity got to 79 F and 40%, quite a bit higher than predicted. All went by the book in 11:47 for me.

Win at Benton Park 4/5 at the Gateway Cup series

posted on Sep 02 2014 by Tyler Denmead

Benton Park was a technical course: 1.7 mile circuit with 10 corners. Our race was shortened to 35 minutes. I attacked with 15 minutes to go after a prime lap. I was only away for a lap before I was caught. Two laps later, a break of two went. I stayed in the top ten of the chase group until the last lap. I found myself leading the chase with a mile to go. I flicked my elbow with 3/4 of a mile to go to try to get a better position. Nobody came through so I just went. I picked off the last guy at the final corner and sprinted to the finish and won the race.