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Tour de West Lafayette Results

Members of Wild Card Cycling (Tom, Luke, Rob, Mark, Karl, and Dan) had a full schedule of racing in West Lafayette the weekend of May 17-18.  A Criterium, Road Race, and Individual Time Trial were all contested.  The race organizers were less than organized, but we gave it our best.  Full results here

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Cobb Park Criterium Results

Members of Wild Card Cycling headed to Kankakee this past weekend for some criterium racing.  Despite the water logged course, everyone managed to stay upright.  The mens Cat 5 race was paused less than 5 minutes into the race due to an intense lightning and thunder storm.  After restarting, there were only 6 laps to go.  The pace immediatly picked up and Mark French won the only prime of the race.  After struggling to get past lapped riders, Jay Yost held on for in impressive finish.  In the womens Cat 3-4, Severine was clearly the strongest, and pulled the field around lap after lap.  She won a prime, but was unable to hang on for the sprint.  Summary of results here.

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Calvin’s Challenge Results

Larry Fitz, 242 miles, 1st overall, 1st in age group
John Alumbaugh, 99 miles, 1st overall for 6 hours and single speed
Jay Yost, 212 miles, tied 2nd in age group
Luke Taggart, 220 miles, 1st in age group

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