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Wild Card Cycling Champaign: Karl Crapse, Manager


Founder, Majestic Overlord
Age: 58
Race Cat: 4
Race Genre: Road, TT, Crit, Cross,maybe MTB
Bikes: BMC Pro, Orbea Orca, Ibex Apogee, Rocky Mountain
Occupation: Auto Service-Parts Director, Rick Ridings, Beer Taster

Art Hess


Age: 49
Race cat: 5
Genre: road
Bikes: Trek5200,Trek8500(mtn),Santana road tandem
Occupation: Dentist
Results: 1’st year racer- 2 starts no finishes

Chad Knutson

Age: 33
Race Cat: 4
Genre: Road, Cross
Bikes: Serotta CIII, Bianchi Axis
Occupation: Research engineer
Results 2009: TBA
Blog Page: http://babybluebicycle.blogspot.com/

Dan Shunk

Age: 35
Race: Category 5
Genre: Road, Crit
Bikes: Litespeed Ardennes/Rolling Easton Tribute Bike, LeMond Etape, Gary Fisher Marlin
Occupation: General Manager - TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®/CENTRAL ILLINOIS
Results: 7 Cat 5 starts, no crashes

Del Rhodes


Don Hiles

E. Paul Ponder

Age: 36
Race Cat: 5
Genre: Road
Bikes: Litespeed and Motobecane CX commuter
Occupation: Technology Wrangler

Gene McDowell

Tour de Groundhog Master 40+ 3out of 10
Dino Warsaw cat1 27 out of 44
Dino Nashville cat1 51 out of 59
Pamba kmbc super d 3 out of 15
Pamba kmbc cat1 8 out of 20
Pamba mud sweat, gears 9 out of 13
Mathiessen mountain madness cat2 5 out of 40

Greg Youngen

Age: 54
Race Cat: 3 (Masters)
Genre:  Road / Cyclocross / MTB
Bikes: Blue RC-4 / Trek XO-1 / Salsa Caballero
Occupation: Librarian
Results 2009:  Hillsboro 17th (50+); Ceraland 1st (50+); Eagle Creek 2nd (50+);
Proctor State Champ Crit 50+: 5th, 40+1-2-3: 14th
Brown County MTB 3rd (50+

Jay Yost
Jim Pirzyk

Age: 42
Race cat: 5
Genre: road Time Trial
Bikes: Trek2300, Equinox TTX 9.5
Occupation: System Administrator
Results: 1’st year race

John Alumbaugh


Racing age: 57
Racing cat: 5
Race genre: ultracycling
Bikes: Trek Madone 5.5, restored 1964 Schwinn Paramount, and 3 or 4 others
Occupation: retired
Results: 2008 Calvin’s Challenge 1st Place 6 hour single speed age group

John Betenia

Age: 52
Race cat: 5
Genre: TT, roadrace Mountain Bike
Bikes:  Lynskey TT, Lynskey 320, GT Zaskar, Misfit DisSent
Occupation: General Manager
Results: Very little lately

John Sturmanis

Age: 41
Race cat: 5, sport
Genre: road, mountain bike
Bikes: Litespeed, Lynskey pro 29er, Felt TT
Occupation:  Attorney

Larry Fitz


Luke Taggart


Age: 32
Race cat: 4
Genre: Road, TT, Crits, Ultra
Bikes: Motobecane LeChampion, Planet X Stealth Pro
Occupation: Blue Collar Zombie
Results: 2009 IL STATE TT CHAMPIONSHIPS / Age 30-39 / 4TH in state
DRUBER 40TT / CAT 4 / 1st
PAW PAW 40TT / CAT 4 / 4th
Blog Page: http://www.facebook.com/p.php?i=100000112968282&k=Z6E3Y5VZWWXO4JFJPB63QTRPUSGAZUXNUWEUFDVNYP&r

Martin Gruebele

Age: 49
Race cat: Road 4
Genre: triathlon, time trial, road
Bikes: Merlin Magia, Giant TCR, Custom TT,
Occupation: Scientist
Genre: Triathlon, ultra-distance racing, time trial
2012 Results: 8/53 Sebring 12 Hour Race; 6/146 Pioneer Tri; 139/1890 Illinois Marathon; 3/20 Calvin’s 100 mi TT; 9/71 May Madness Tri; 5/20 Balltown Classic 200 mile race; 4/108 Cutting Edge Classic Half Iron triathlon; 1/18 Fat Ass 12 Hour (tie); 2/64 Lytle Park Tri; 2/40 Metamora 4x50 (tie, new course record); 8/110 MI-Ti Iron triathlon; 24/420 Rev3 Iron triathlon; 2/69 Last Chance Tri; 64/670 Beach2Battleship Iron triathlon; USAT honorable mention, All-American.

Nick Dornick
Scott Dahman

Age: 38
Race cat: Road-5
Genre: Triathlon, Road, TT, Crit
Bikes: 2006 Giant TCR C1 (Road), Motobecane 600 HT (Mountain), 1984 Raleigh Marathon (Steel All-Purpose Beater)
Occupation: Electric Power Engineer
Results: 2008 Mattoon Beach 1/8 Tri: 6 of 39 (Overall), 2008 Evergreen Lake Regional Championship Tri: 11 of 21 (35-39), 2008 Champaign Park District Mini-Tri: 6 of 305 (Overall), 2008 Lytle Park Sprint Tri: 4 of 74 (Overall)
Results 2009: Hillsboro-Roubaix: 9th (cat 5); Tri the Illini: 2nd (men 35-39); Mattoon Beach Tri: 2nd (men 35-39), 4th (overall); Champaign Park District Mini Tri: 1st (men 37-43), 4th (overall); Mattoon Man Tri: 1st (men 35-39); Druber’s 40k TT Challenge: 2nd (cat 5)
Blog Page: http://illinidahmanator.blogspot.com

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