#2 300k brevet report

posted on May 24 2016 by Martin Gruebele

Reported by Martin: A second 189-mile brevet organized in Eldridge, Iowa by Michael Fox. I came in first, this time riding 9:59 + control stops with 11,000 feet of climbing , 10 minutes faster than in April. Consistency. Photo: Matt on left, Martin on right.

Brevet report from Iowa

posted on Apr 26 2016 by Martin Gruebele

(Reported by Martin) On Thursday I assembled my new superbike, on Friday I rode it with Jay for 80 miles to make sure it would not fall apart, and on Saturday was its first real test: a 300k (189 mile) brevet organized by Mike Fox in Eldridge, Iowa.

CICA's 2016 Dirty Mudd'r

posted on Apr 25 2016 by Kelley Wegeng

CICA's 5th Annual Dirty Mudd'r was my second attempt at a non-local gravel race (the first attempt having been the 2015 Gravel Grovel, which was wet, muddy, and miserable). I've been training a lot and I was gunning to win. 

2015 Mid American Time Trial Series

posted on Nov 19 2015 by Jim Pirzyk

The 2015 Time Trial season started off in January with a series of indoor TTs. Being my first full year participating in the series, one of my goals was to complete the requisite 10 races to be considered in the standings. I was able to compete in all 4 indoor TTs (including the storm hampered Super Bowl Sunday race) but my results were less than stellar. I seem to get slower than the previous race. This would turn into less of an issue for me as they only count your best 2 indoor races in the season standings.

Border Wars!

posted on Oct 06 2015 by Scott Dahman

Short version: Suzanne kicks ass. Scott is really good at race logistics, like loading bikes onto cars and finding the best post-race junk food.


Podiums Baby! Women's Elite and Aquabike

Hopkins Park Cross

posted on Oct 05 2015 by Kelley Wegeng

On Sunday, October 4 a few of us Wild Cards went up to DeKalb, Illinois, for the second race in the Chicago Cross Cup series, Hopkins Park CX. I went into it not expecting or hoping for much, despite Kyle's guarantee that in a bigger field there would be more women with whom I had a chance at competing. Last year I won the Heart of Illinois Women's Category 4 Series just for showing up to all six races - I was last in every single race and was fully expecting to be last again. 

Ironman Chattanooga

posted on Oct 01 2015 by Martin Gruebele

The short: Crash! (Photo: A confident smile on the bike at mile 70 was replaced 5 minutes later with multiple fractures and a collapsed lung, necessitating hospitalization.)

Wild(west)Card Weekend CX Report - TRP Ogden CX

posted on Sep 23 2015 by Aaron Lael

Greetings from the land of Mormons and mountains,



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