Greater Terre Haute Weekend

posted on Jun 09 2014 by Scott Dahman

A large Wild Card contingent traveled to the Terre Haute area for the Marshall Madness Road Race and the Terre Haute Criterium and brought back multiple podiums.

Toughman Indiana Half-Iron Triathlon

posted on Jun 04 2014 by Scott Dahman

I have been racing tri for nearly 7 years now and thought I had learned just about everything about race preparation, tactics, and fueling. My results over the last two seasons have been very satisfying, with USAT rankings steadily trending upward. However, sometimes success breeds complacency and lessons forgotten must be relearned. I had a good race at the 1st Toughman Indiana in favorable conditions a year ago.

Fox River Omnium - Masters 30+ 4/5

posted on May 18 2014 by Rick Riley

Elgin Crit:

Perfect weather, not hot or cold and a mild wild to keep things interesting.  It was an interesting course; started flat through the first two turns then a small rise, similar to UGP, another flat turn then a left into a small downhill and an off camber chicane up a hill to the straighaway through the finish.

Monsters of the Midway 2014

posted on May 13 2014 by Chris Kirkham

Bike racers were once again spoiled with beautiful weather for Monsters of the Midway this past weekend.  The race takes place on the Midway Plaisance at the University of Chicago.  I don’t know what a plaisance is, but this is a course that any Nascar fan would love.  Go fast, turn left, repeat 4 times, that’s a lap.

Urbana Grand Prix, Women's 3/4

posted on May 05 2014 by Kelley Wegeng

This was my third criterium, the first two having been a month ago at the Spring Super in South Beloit. The course was beautiful and I had fun.

Urbana Grand Prix - Cat 4/5 Report - Ryan H.

posted on May 05 2014 by Ryan Harden

Well, my report isn't going to be as interesting as the others. My training going into the race has been almost non-existant so I didn't have very high hopes to do anything.

I planned to sit in the pack to conserve enough energy to make an attack if the team needed it later in the race. Unfortunately I never got the chance.


Hillsboro Roubaix Cat 4 - Neil's Report

posted on Apr 29 2014 by Neil Fortner

Lots of Wildcards in this race. I was hoping to be able to help out some others as I already had enough points to upgrade to cat 3. The race started innocuously enough. Jeff made a few attempts to break away in the first lap, and I blocked for a little bit, but nothing stuck. After a few attacks in the town section halway through the race, the field slowed to a crawl. At some point, a couple riders went off the front and the pace picked back up.


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