Keirin #1 Race Report

posted on Jun 16 2017 by Chris Kirkham

Track season update & keirin state champs report

posted on Aug 05 2016 by Chris Kirkham

I think I’ve had a very successful first year on the track.  I got 2nd in a points race on my very first race day in the 5s, and on my first day in cat 4, I won a race, beating out a very strong guy who is a cat 3 on the road (with the points to be a 2) who has won over half his races on the track.  I told myself that this season was about getting experience and seeing which events I like, and which I’m good at.  I hoped that I would be better at the endurance events (scratch, points, elimination, etc.) as that wouldn’t require me to make many changes to my training routine.  Ho

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