Urbana Demolition Derby


In the 4/5’s, I crashed in turn 2 of the 2nd lap.  The field was beginning to split and I tried to bomb the turn at 28mph while another XXX rider decided to take the turn at about 17mph and then run his line wide all the way into the curb. 

UGP 4/5: Crash

I was fine after the crash and was ready to get back in, but I had a frayed cable and Drew had to replace it, which took a total of 3 laps.  Due to other riders being in the pits and my substantial repair, my bike was moved to the back of the line.  I talked to the officials while I was waiting and my understanding was that they were going to place me back with the lead group on the lead lap.  Jackpot!

Back in the race with 5 to go, I settled in for a bit and put an attack in, but didn't stay away for long.  I waited for the sprint and ended up getting 4th.  I didn't have great positioning, but for some reason, on the hill everyone seemed to go hard right or hard left, leaving a huge opening through the middle.  I was surprised to pass people on the hill.  That's where I expected to lose ground.  Once I crested the top, it was time put power and size to work on the downhill sprint.  I made a crucial mistake when I aimed my sprint too close to Jeff, who had created some separation on the hill, but was being closed on quickly.  Igor from XXX moved right and boxed me in.  My choices were to run over Jeff or push back against the other sprinter.  I chose neither and took a soft last couple pedal strokes and gingerly threw my bike at the line to wind up being the 4th rider to cross.

UGP 4/5 Final minute:

Before the start of the 3/4 race, I finally went to check results and saw that I was marked as 39th place and 2 laps down.  I protested, but after the officials talked about it, they decided I shouldn't have been scored on the lead lap due to the long delay.  Would have been nice to know that going back in, but at least I had fun and got to test my sprint, which felt good.

In the 3/4 race I lasted 2 laps before someone squeezed into a tiny gap at the finish line and knocked a guy from Mack down.  I ramped over his bike.  I opened my eyes.  It was like the end of Glory.  My left knee is the size of a grapefruit.  My jaw hurts.  Jeff might be dead. I have road rash on both knees, my shoulder, and all down my back right side. 

UGP 3/4 Crash:

When it was done my wife asked if I'm going to do this race again next year.  In 3 races now (2014 4/5 and the 2015 4/5 and 3/4), I have flatted, crashed, and crashed again.  It's disappointing when this hometown race tends to draw friends and family to come watch.  They must be wondering why in the hell I stay after this sport.