Win at Benton Park 4/5 at the Gateway Cup series

Benton Park was a technical course: 1.7 mile circuit with 10 corners. Our race was shortened to 35 minutes. I attacked with 15 minutes to go after a prime lap. I was only away for a lap before I was caught. Two laps later, a break of two went. I stayed in the top ten of the chase group until the last lap. I found myself leading the chase with a mile to go. I flicked my elbow with 3/4 of a mile to go to try to get a better position. Nobody came through so I just went. I picked off the last guy at the final corner and sprinted to the finish and won the race.

The same guy won the three previous 4/5 races at the Gateway, so I was happy to deny the sweep. One highlight included the kisses from the Michelob Ultra girls on the podium, the other included standing on the podium with my 2 kids. I'm scheduled to do the 3/4 race later but I might just finish the race season on a high note!