Marian Crit Cat 4/5

First race of the year for me was the Marian University Criterium in Indianapolis on 4/19. The course was very long, with long straights, some elevation change, and a short technical section through campus. The course was reversed from the previous year, so the technical section was uphil and near the start of the lap, while there was a fairly sharp corner 200m from the finish. Due to the length of the course the race was only 5 laps long.

I sat in for the majority of the race, only really moving close to the front on the climb before the campus section to avoid losing time through the turns. With 2 laps to go, someone went off the front. I made the mistake of not taking it seriously, because he didn't look fast and because of all the straights. However he slowly opened a gap on the field and by the time I realized he might stay away it was too late. I accelerated in the saddle before the last corner, taking the lead and taking the corner as fast as I dared. Immediately after the corner I stood up, and sprinted clear of the field to take 2nd.